Singer 185
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This little Singer 185 was my second sewing machine purchase. I bought it on eBay on March 6, 2006. It is a 3/4 size straight stitch machine that uses class 66 bobbins and standard 15x1 needles. Notice its matching green foot controller.




Notice the light green and silver nose plate and hand wheel. It has  the green bobbin winder tire and cords that came with several of the 1950s Singer models.





The motor and light fixture are a matching green also. Please visit the Gift Shop if youd like to purchase an instruction manual for your Singer 185 sewing machine.




The Singer 185 often came in a plastic case, which typically has broken by now. Since the 185 is not a stand alone table model, I needed a case or cabinet in order to use mine without its moving parts scraping on the table. I was fortunate to have a friend donate this used 3/4 case to the cause. I also now have a 3/4 cabinet to share with a Singer model 99.



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