New Home 532
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I bought this cute zigzag machine in 2006 obviously for its lovely green color. It came without a cabinet, so I gave it a “motorectomy” and put it in a refinished Singer treadle cabinet.  
If you’d like to purchase a reproduction copy of the New Home 532 sewing machine instruction manual, visit the Gift Shop.
It uses class 15 bobbins, standard 15x1 needles and high shank feet. Notice the really nice quilting attachment with a 1/4-inch foot for piecing.
Notice the grooved hand wheel that makes it easy to convert to treadle, and treadling a zigzag machine is so much fun.  
The red numbers and buttons add to its retro 60’s look.  

This New Home is no light-weight. It seems to have been a popular model in my region of the country, because I now also have one in a portable case and one in an electric cabinet as well. Here is a back view with the motor.



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