Singer model 15-1
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This is one of the oldest (1879) “working” sewing machines I have in my collection, and it sews a lovely straight stitch.
You can barely see the Forget-Me-Not decals. It is a full-size fiddlebase machine with side clamping presser feet and uses an ordinary 15x1 needle.
The cabinet is original with a coffin top and flip up table extension. It is missing the drawer that normally would be found on the left hand side, but I think it was removed to make it more convenient to reach the bobbin and, over time, became lost.  
Notice the belt guard that has a flip up bobbin winder attached to it.  
Also, notice the typical class 15 tension mechanism on the nose plate. It uses early class 15 bobbins that are slightly domed and still available new from many sellers.
I was able to find some original old bobbins as well as a key that locks down the coffin top.


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