During WW2, Singer made sewing machines with black metal attachments and parts. They were called "blackside." I bought this "Blackside Singer 66-16" at a garage sale from the original owner's son. It was in mint condition and came with a Singer #40 cabinet and matching stowaway stool.


The stowaway stool is where I found the original manual and "blackside" attachments. Notice the black metal bobbin. Just click here, if you'd like to buy a reproduction copy of the Singer 66-16 sewing machine manual.

This machine has a black slide plate and needle plate. It also has a black clutch knob on the solid black handwheel. It seemed only appropriate to replace its red spool pin felt with a black one, since the spool pin is black, as well as the foot lever on the back. Oddly enough the stitch length lever and the electrical cord is white. I will probably switch the cord out for a black one and paint the lever with black enamel.

  Even the metal lamp shade is black.

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